In Cooperation with GLP

Commodores was founded in Tuskegee Alabama University some fifty years ago. They signed their first contract with Motown in 1972 allowing them perform the first part of the Jackson5 concert. Lionel Richie was the leading singer of the group until 1983 when he left to start a solo career. He was replaced by J.D.. Nicholas. Known for their musical journeys “Three times a lady”, the majority of their compositions is funk and disco like

“Brick House”, “Say Yeah” or “Fancy Dancer".


Commodores’ Walter “Clyde” Orange, James Dean “JD” Nicholas and William “WAK” King have influenced artists both young and old and in all genres with their classic songs.


With their 75 millions records sold worldwide, their number one singles and albums, their Grammy Award with “Nightshift” hit, Commodores brand is bigger than ever as they continue to blaze trails all over the world.  One of the most amazing vocal groups, in 2018 and beyond, they continue to thrill audiences with their Greatest Hits Tour – Live!


For five decades, Commodores have remained a force in the music industry for they aren’t just any group.

They have staying power.

Representatives in Near and Middle East, Gulf countries, 

North Africa and Turkey - In coopertion with GLP

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