Sanaa Nabil

Sanaa Nabil, is the rising star in the Arab world music.

The 17-year old great grand-niece of legendary Oum Koulthoum, Sanaa takes her audience on a journey of Arabic classics where she performs songs not only of Oum Koulthoum but also of Fayza Ahmed, Leila Murad, Asmahan, Sayed Mekkawy and Horiyya Hassan as she strives to preserve and revive the rich Arabic musical heritage.

Sanaa’s career started at a very young age. She studied with Doctor Ahmad Abdallah a major oud player in Egypt and the arab world. At 12, she started studying with Maestro Salim Sahab, Cairo Opera. Today she is working under the supervision of Maestro Abdo Dagher, the last violinist of the original Oum Koulthoum’s musical ensemble. Sanaa received also the highest award from the Azerbaijan Maqam conquest among less than 16 years performers, proving her attachment to the authentic arab repertoire and her belonging to this new young generation faithful to this tradition.

Sanaa - who captured the hearts of music fans across the world arab public with her performances on the reality TV show contest “Arabs Got Talent” where she was granted a special distinction award - is accompanied by the “Cordes Croisées”, a group of most talented Egyptian musicians who have taken part in international events and concerts and who actively support Sanaa in the exceptional show : “Saltana”.