This "One Heart" project founded by Omar Faqir aims to gather jazz musicians from the whole world in one place and create Jazz music that provides the opportunity for the local, national and international Jazz musicians to perform together and exchange experiences. The project has been successful to include musicians, video editors, graphic designers, sound engineers, mixing and mastering companies and studios. The group plays original compositions, mainly by Omar Faqir. The project involved countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, USA, Italy, China, Spain and others.

Omar  Faqir was born in Amman-Jordan. He grew up in a family who has been creating music for more than 100 years and who appreciated and practiced all kinds of arts.


Omar started with his relatives the first Jazz-fusion band in Jordan "Faculty –X" that introduced Amman to Jazz-Fusion and that performed in almost all venues, theatres and festivals in the region. Omar performed in many local and international concerts and festivals, and he performed with great musicians such as Stanley Jordan, Charles Davis, Noah Howard, and many others. He recorded the first Jordanian-American Jazz album "Desert Harmony" with the late saxophone player Noah Howard. He created many music themes such as "Jazz Abdul Wahab" and “Jazz Halim”. Omar recent albums are "From within", "Faculty-X" , and “Pulse” featuring  Dave Weckl, Tom Brechtlein, Abed Faqir, Omar Harb and Alaa Faqir and distributed by Universal Music MENA.


His recent worldwide jazz collaboration project “One Heart” invites many world great Jazz musicians to participate and support Jazz-Fusion all around the globe.