Ali Ghamsari  

Ali ghamsari and Hale Sayfizadeh
Ali Ghamsari Hesar Ensemble

Graduated from the Musical School and University of Iran in 1983, the talented and elegant iranian composer Ali Ghamsari created, in 2006,  the "Hesar Ensemble". A group of nine singers and musicians present this modern repertoire based mainly on polyphonic structure and rich musical arrangements. Four young iranian ladies enchant with their choir and solo voices and five musicians wonderfully interpret the compositions of Ghamsari, all with mastery.

A trip in rhythms, emotions and texts written by a new generation of iranian poets.


Ali Ghamsari presented many concerts all over the world with important names such as Homayoun Shajarian, Alireza Ghorbani


He is presently performing 

"Barf Khani Rumi", another exceptional project with five musicians and the amazing voice of Mohammed Motamedi, another master of the most

traditional vocal persian art.

Ali Ghamsari and Mohammed Motamedi